Aleppo is a research centre based in Brussels engaged in reflections in art and political philosophy. Aleppo collaborates with, and it is in residency at Académie Royale des Beaux Arts Bruxelles (ArBA-ESA). Aleppo organizes every season an Imaginary School, a program of activities around a specific open question. The Imaginary school is modeled on the idea of an open and free space of research, animated through different formats, and able to bring together people inside and outside academic paths.
It is conceived every time around a question which resonates as urgent in our time, (i.e. «what does performative mean in politics ? », « Restoration : back to the order»

Présentation du programme de recherche

Personnes de contact :
Daniel Blanga Gubbay:
Enzo Pezzela :

Programme Imaginary School

December 8th: a lecture and a workshop by Eyal Weizman (Goldsmith University / Decolonizing Palestine). In collaboration with Dissent! and erg (école supérieure des arts) 8PM

December 10th: screening of the work of Francis Alÿs. 6pm

December 11th: a workshop by Sophie Klimis (from 2PM to 4PM, in collaboration with FUSL)

December 12th-14th-: a workshop by Erdem Gunduz (on his standing-man action in Taksim Square) and lecture on the 14th at 8PM

December 15th-16th, Fragments of power, two day workshop held by Designing democracy, Amsterdam.

December 16th: a conference by Santiago Cirugeda / Recetas Urbanas in collaboration with Sint Lucas – School of Architecture. 8PM

December 17th:Jacques Rancière, in collaboration with Argos, Auguste Orts et Courtisane, in the frame of “Figures of Dissent” (KASK), and in collaboration with Pole de Recherche l’ARBA­ESA. 8 PM

December 18th, Ariella Azoulay at Cinema Galeries Brussels. In collaboration with KU Leuven / Leuven University Press and Aleppo. Talk with Ariella Azoulay proceeded by a screening of ‘Khirbat’ Khize’ (Ram Loevy, 1978, 48’) and ‘Al-Midya’ (Dani Gal, 2014, 26’)

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